Workout PACKAGE with Coaching

  • Custom training program based on your goals (home/gym based)
  • One-on-one support and accountability
  • Access to Elle Kay Fit app to complete your workouts anywhere
  • Bonus workouts
  • Challenge workouts
  • New workouts every 4 weeks
  • Video demonstration of each workout
  • Weekly check in via email
  • Message feature via the app for quick Q&A
  • Unlimited Q&A via email
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Accountability & motivating frequent messages
  • Automatic enrollment into personal development email series

$44.99 Monthly


About this package:

FINALLY a nutrition package you're gonna LOVE! Why? Because it's enjoyable! No restriction, no food deprivation, no "bad" food labeling here. You can eat yummy, satisfying (and filling!), easy to make, easy to prep, meals, AND reach your weight goals (woohoo!) And if that wasn't music to your ears, having a coach by your side every step of the way should be... You're not doing this alone. Lia will educate you, provide helpful insight for you to understand these processes and carry them with you to sustain long term results, as well as motivate you, and hold you accountable throughout this life changing journey.


Is this the right membership for you: 

If you're thinking of starting your weight loss journey and have questions, need guidance, and are wanting someone to check in with -this is the membership for you. If you find yourself needing motivation, fun ways to stay inspired, and like having access to new tools and fun challenges to keep morale up, you'll love this membership and all the fun perks it includes. 


Why a monthly membership?

Most clients have weight loss goals that exceed more than 10lbs. Although the Elle Kay Fit plans are successful in helping clients lose weight within 30 days, it is hugely beneficial to have continuous support to ensure you progress month over month, remain inspired, and stay on the right track under the guidance of a nutrition expert. Think of this membership as the best club you've ever been a part of (you won't want to leave, it's fun here!) - every month you're progressing, and as you do you'll need new nutrition goals to ensure optimal results to help you stay on the right track. This program advances with you, and helps you through all the phases you'll go through, including your maintenance phase (after you've successfully reached your goals.) 


This package is not: 

  1. A custom meal plan - Elle Kay Fit's philosophy on meal plans is not to tell a client exactly what they should be eating every day, but rather work with clients one-on-one to understand their unique lifestyle and food preferences to make personalized suggestions and provide recipes accordingly. Since the goal of Elle Kay Fit is to educate women about nutrition so that they can change their diet ongoing with results they can keep forever, a simple meal plan of basic foods (boring!) is not a valuable nor successful approach. Personalized coaching and food freedom is!
  2. For clients wanting short term coaching - please consider the One Month Package, or 1 Time Macro Calculation.