I know what it's like to fail,
I want to see what happens when I don't.


"This is April 30th 2017 versus June 25th 2017. In less than 60 days I'm down 10 pounds and several inches. I feel great and can't wait for the next 10 pounds of weight loss"


"The first thing I realized is that this is a "diet" for normal people - it's realistic! I love this eating plan, even my husband does too, and I'm feeling really amazing and confident! I love seeing the difference, it motivates me so much!"


"I am really pumped with my results. I am thrilled and this has given me so much motivation it's not even funny!"


"Before starting Elle Kay Fit, I knew that I wanted to lose weight. I wasn't happy in my skin, my self confidence was down and I had hit a serious bump in the road. I had been traveling for 8 months and told myself that was the problem. Then I joined Elle Kay Fit and realized that nothing was a problem. I could easily fit my workouts in daily (with a little more self motivation on some days) and I learned so much about the nutritional value of all foods.... cue the "aha moment." I'm still learning. Having this lifestyle change is incredible, and I couldn't have done it without our beautiful personal trainer who is behind Elle Kay Fit. Life is all about adventure and now I've learned that I can work / travel and still be healthy.   I've been a member of Elle Kay Fit for 5 months and it has given me more wins than I ever wished for - my skin is glowing, my bikinis look good, my hair feels great, I have my self confidence back!"


"After Easter I decided to cool it with the weighing and just focus on the process (it was hard to stop the habit of weighing myself, surprisingly). Not only focus on my macros and finding balance, but also paying attention to my non-scale victories. During this time I started noticing my workouts getting stronger and my endurance increasing (yes, I'm talking about you you devil burpees... Lia, I thought I told you I hated those. Lol ), being able to fit in my pre preggo pants, my shoulders starting to make an appearance again with a hint of bicep and tricep, my stomach getting flatter and just overall feeling better and not bloated/sluggish. Today I did my monthly check in and I actually lost 7lbs this month! I am pumped! The majority of that was these last couple weeks when I was focused. Though the scale is always a nice reference point in our progress, it's not everything. I would say I have valued feeling slimmer and how my clothes fit to what it says on the scale. Though I am not yet where I want to be, I am feeling more and more like myself again. Next month... less weighing and more focus on my non-scale victories"


I'm definitely feeling the difference! My jeans fall off me!"


"I'm doing great and loving your program! Getting my workouts in and feeling so much stronger doing them. Yay - starting to see muscles come in"


"I feel amazing. The best I have in years!"


Seeing pics is so good for me because it's hard to notice certain things on my own body but the pics don't lie! Thanks for helping me get closer to my goal! All in all, my jeans fit well, I feel comfortable in my tighter shirts, and I have more energy than I did a couple months ago. I'm not self-conscious about walking around the house in my sports bra and shorts. I'm happy in my skin right now and feeling better about getting into a two piece again. I actually gained some strength in my arms from these workouts. Thank you a million times over for helping me feel this way!"


"Huge shout out to @_ellekayfit for getting my butt back in shape.  I have always been pretty good & exercised (not always consistently or with weights). With my schedule, business & family it was hard to find the time... BUT there always going to be a reason or "excuse" that will keep me from my desire to get back on track & get in shape. It is not easy & it's a huge sacrifice but to feel good & comfortable in my own clothes is worth it! My client challenged me to do a lifestyle change.  To workout consistently & eat according to the macro diet (it's very reasonable to maintain forever without feeling deprived). Crash dieting is not realistic nor effective long term. My whole family has gotten on board with me & we are more active & eating clean. Thanks Lia for all your encouragement to get me on track! I'm not done yet. If you are looking for nutrition or exercise goals she's the total package & the support group is so helpful to help you in real life struggles & victories we face daily"


"Friends! Follow my friend, personal trainer, and nutrition specialist, Lia with Elle Kay Fit who has been my online personal trainer for the last 6 months and has helped me drop 20 pounds! Not only has she helped me lose fat, tone and build muscle, but she's taught me so much about myself, nutrition, and how to get the most out of life. Her program is one of a kind with the personal support and motivation. All of her workouts are about 30 minutes and are all done at home. I highly encourage you to give her program a try and you will fall in love with it just as much as I have. Thank you Lia for your support and dedication to ME!" 


"The nutrition part of your plan is so amazing! No more dieting - just understanding food and what is good for your body! Listen to your inner foodie every day - I love it! It honestly has been such a game changer for me. I feel like I definitely am leaner and stronger - you don't understand how you have changed my thought process and lifestyle. Life is meant to be enjoyed and to look good. LIA you are the FREAKING BEST!  My weight is staying off!"


"I've made great progress  and my husband said my body is totally changing. I definitely feel it! Looking forward, for the first time in a while, to bathing suit season."


And this is me, Lia, your very own personal trainer - the one guiding you through this journey as I know it all too well. I've felt how you've felt, I've hit those same hurdles, and know what you're thinking and how you're feeling. I can empathize with your story, I can relate to your struggle. I know that mentality, the emotion, the everything - let me hold your hand through this as I know exactly what to do. I've hit walls and broken them down, I've faced challenges and stared them straight in the face, I know what to do and will show you! Let's do this together, girl!


Choose the package that best fits your goals and let's get started!