Lia's Journey

I’ve always perceived myself to be a happy and confident person. I love to laugh! And despite being a little overweight, clothes looking a little snug, and sometimes having that "nothing fits, I don't look cute" feeling from time to time, I would always carry myself well even when knowing I had things I needed to improve but there was no real sense of urgency to do it. There was one night I recall clearly - I was laying in bed when a gorgeous woman came on TV and I remember thinking how that would never be me, "my frame will never make it to a size 2", and with that attitude I was right, I wouldn't look that way anytime soon. I would sign up for gym memberships and quit after 30 days. I'd start a diet and fall off after a week. I'd concluded that this whole "fit" thing just wasn't for me. 

I know now why nothing worked for me back then. My mentality was my biggest downfall. I never really focused on the things I truly wanted and would always allow doubt to cloud my disposition. I wasn't as committed as I needed to be, and sure I really wanted to be thinner, but I wasn't prepared to make any sacrifices nor put in any hard work. Nothing I explored resonated with me as I could just never see myself doing any of it long term - I didn't want to drink green drinks forever, I didn't want to eat freezer "lose weight" foods twice a day, I didn't want to workout in a gym with people who intimidated me. I also had minimal knowledge about how to even get healthy and exercise correctly or anyone to turn to whom I could trust to push me in the direction of success. 

Ok, so fast-forward a bunch of years and I got tired of my own excuses. Something clicked. I looked at myself in the mirror and said "enough!" I knew what it was like to fail, I wanted to know what would happen when I didn't. I came to understand that putting in the effort to eat well and exercise is hard, and being overweight and negatively picking at yourself everyday is also hard - pick your hard! So I did... 

My best friend signed us up for Bikram Yoga (oh boy, a yoga class in a 110 degree room), and at 6 am we were there and ready! I lasted all of 15 minutes before excusing myself to get sick and lay on the cold bathroom floor. I felt defeated. This was not how day one was supposed to go. Day 2 was better. I lasted 20 minutes this time before I had to run out again - lol! But, I had committed to this and wanted to see it through, so there I was, everyday, at 6 am, 5 days a week, connecting with my body and learning to quiet my mind and show myself some of the love and respect I deserve. Although I didn't change too much of my diet during this period, I did lose a few pounds, and was on the right path by being more active. Start somewhere...

Yoga inspired me to get up and move. It inspired me to make time for myself everyday and work on being better! Although I worked a crazy stressful 60-hour work week, and had tons of day-to-day distractions, I knew I wanted to change and that I was ready to truly commit. So, I found a wonderful trainer who created a program I loved - quick and effective workouts, a great eating regimen, and support. Every day I committed to improving myself. I changed my ENTIRE life in the spare bedroom of my tiny apartment on my bright orange yoga mat. In the bedroom, for 30-60 minutes daily, I'd lift weights in a sometimes sparkly clean space, do high intensity interval training over piles of laundry, or do box jumps and step ups on the computer desk chair. I even recall doing several workouts in my underwear because I had ran out of workout clothes. I made it work! I found a way to track my diet and nutrition using a method that resonated, and although I started not knowing much at all, I prioritized learning and researching and getting better with each day. I learned that eating well - balanced, portioned, and frequent meals, didn't have to taste bland and be boring. I could eat ANYTHING I wanted, I just had to be mindful and respect the purpose of food versus being gluttonous and resentful toward it. However days aren't always what we plan for and regardless of times where I skipped a workout because I didn't feel like it, ate all the Oreos because my willpower was tested, was hard on myself because I felt down and depleted, I always picked myself up and carried on! Persistence, consistency, and commitment is everything! Perfection is impossible and I learned that very early on. Accept that there will be days that won't go as planned, go on anyway! Keep at it! It's how I got here. I set attainable goals and worked hard to achieve them. I focused on one day at a time and gave it my best even on the days when my "best" varied. I chose to make this experience fun! It's so easy to look at it as torture and dislike changing up a routine, but you can make this anything you want - make it great! 

I lost over 30 pounds in 6 months without a gym membership and crazy dieting. I lost the weight and will keep it off because this is a manageable lifestyle that I thoroughly enjoy and couldn't imagine living life any other way. This is the happiest and healthiest I have ever been and I wish this feeling for everyone! It's truly the best! I never had this mentality before, which means that my story could become yours too, you just have to try. 

My passion is everything health and fitness related and I want to share my knowledge with women who are like me and want to look and feel their best without all the crazy pressure of gyms and diets and hardcore programs. I want to help women become their very best version of themselves, and help them achieve their  fit "aha" moment along what will be an incredible journey of success. I hope you reach out and allow me to help you. We'll do this together.