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A Note From Lia

Hi, lovey! I'm Lia Kinn! Owner and Head Trainer of Elle Kay Fit - an online personal training company helping women all around the world reach their health and happiness goals.

I went from being 45 lbs overweight to rocking my first pair of shorts (ever!) confidently. I found my passion for fitness through becoming fit and healthy, and I want to share what I know with you!

Elle Kay Fit has helped over 1,000 women in 19 countries lose weight enjoyably and create a life for themselves they never even knew possible. 

Let's dive in to see how YOUR life can change for the better too.

I help busy women lose weight:


Without feeling deprived

Without feeling restricted

By staying motivated and inspired

With support and guidance

Using a clear plan with the guesswork removed


In the most fun way possible

I teach women how to: 

Let go of food fear

Beat binge eating

Stop overeating

Make better choices

Create self-motivation

Enjoy exercise

Become planners

Implement successful routines

& more!



What is Elle Kay Fit?

It’s the best “fitness membership” you’ve ever had.

Consider Lia your new best fit friend; checkin' in on you, answering your questions, and guiding you along this new and exciting journey that WILL change your life.

If you’ve thought dieting is:



Time consuming

And restrictive

I’m here to show you that it’s NOT! I’m going to blow your mind with a way of eating that not only will give you great results (BYE FAT!), but that will be something you LOVE and can see yourself doing long term (hello, long lasting fit and healthy bod!)

If you’ve thought exercise is:


Time consuming


And intimidating

I wanna be the one to show you that the PERFECT plan for you exists and that you CAN enjoy exercise and change your life ALL from the comfort of your own home.

What to expect:

A full months worth of workouts (including bonuses and fun challenges) are custom built for you and preloaded into the Elle Kay Fit app for you to access anywhere and anytime. Think; convenience and flexibility. You never have to leave your house. You never have to be in a gym where you don’t feel comfortable. You never have to question what exercises to do exactly to be effective. I do all of that for you (woohoo!)

Your current body stats and goals are reviewed and your custom nutrition bundle is created (personalized macronutrients). Macro tracking will be the best "diet" (not a diet but a lifestyle) you've ever had - eat ALL of your favorite foods daily (I'll teach you how) and develop a healthy relationship with food. Let’s yell together, “FOOD FREEDOM!” No more chicken and rice to lose weight. No more restrictive eating (you CAN eat past 10pm here!), and no more “off limit” foods (Music to your ears!) Life is meant to be enjoyed, food is supposed to taste good, and you’re meant to be fit and healthy – you just need to be taught how.

You're given recipe books, guides, menus, lists, e-books, and so much more to get you started. And,  if all that wasn't enough (great so far, right?) you're welcomed into the Elle Kay Fit community - a private FB group where you're supported and understood by women on this same journey alongside you where we share stories, recipes, ideas, success, among many other incredible tools to help you succeed. This is THE CLUB you want to be a part of - you're welcomed here, empowered here, educated here, and it's here that you become EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to be!

The Meaning Behind the Name

Elle Kay (L.K.) are the initials of my first and last name - spelled phonetically. When I was thinking of what I wanted to name my company I reflected on those who had influenced and supported me throughout this journey - my dearest mom, my incredible husband, and my inspirational bestie. They share a piece of this with me - my mom loves my name and chose it, my husband’s last name is proudly a part of my business, and my best friend shares the same initial as my last name. Love, love, love!


Elle Kay Fit's Mantra

Empower women to discover the best version of themselves possible through food freedom and effective home exercise. 

Elle Kay Fit is so much more than just an online gym. It's a safe space - a place where you can be open about what your health dreams and aspirations are. You are heard. You are seen. You are embraced. It's here that you learn everything you've wanted to know about health, fitness, self-love and confidence - where your questions are welcomed and embraced, and your journey is celebrated for the uniqueness that it is. 

A Bit About Lia

Lia Kinn is a certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and Bachelor of Science in Psychology graduate. She is the creator and head trainer of Elle Kay Fit - an online fitness & nutrition company helping women around the world in reaching their happy and healthy goals.

Lia lives in a cute little beach town in San Diego, California, and is an immigrant from South Africa where she was born and raised.